Basic Needs












(Principal of St. Ambrose primary School receiving items on behalf of parents)



Children’s “Hope for Basic Needs” programme’.


In this programme, children are supplied with items such as school uniform/supplies such as shoes, educational materials; hygiene items such as toothpaste/brush, comb, soap; snacks and other food items such as biscuits, can food, can juices. Each family to potential receive assistance is interviewed personally by members of HOPE for Children. This matter is sensitive and is dealt with in a professional manner. After this preliminary assessment the appropriate support is granted. Furthermore the behavior and attendance of these children are monitored with the help of their parents and the teachers by way of detailed reports. (Note: All prices are in Barbadian currency & subject to economic changes.)


Note: Children grow mostly during the summer so uniforms and shoes are bought after the summer, for the September period.  Ideally we would like to be able to supply food and hygienic supplies to the ‘at risk’ children at the end of each month. However, in the past we have only been able to supply them at the end of each quarter. For example, March, June, September, and December and due to lack of adequate sponsorship, sometimes only annually.  We can only give what we receive!