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Children’s “Life Empowerment Summer Camp”  programme.


ANNU teen summer camp is an exciting, progressive  “Life Empowerment Summer Camp” designed to provide children, with awesome experiences that can empower the youth with life skills that will increase their chance of success in life. Skills as rejection of drug usage, anger management, self esteem building and teamwork.


NOTE: Children will be given a right of passage to becoming well rounded adults.


Each day, Annu Teen campers choose from a wide variety of activities and classes that are led by talented, passionate instructors. While we do offer many traditional summer camp activities such as arts, sports, music, and dance, we also provide unique and powerful experiences through activities such as trail hiking, and breath work, which foster confidence building and self exploration.


Given the techno-centric world we live in, those without strong financial and learning skills are at clear disadvantage, as a result Hope For Children has embarked on creating a Children's Learning Centre to further assist these children by providing access to computer access for learning and school projects, as well as instituting a homework helper program. We had a venue at the Health Promotion Centre on the Ministry of Health Complex, Jemmott's Lane, St. Michael. However, we have to move on august 31, 2007.


The ensure the Centre is able to carry out its mandate, we require computers and technology equipment. A computer was recently donated to us, however the monitor is inoperable. As a result, we are asking you to donate a new or refurbished 17” monitor  a key board and a mouse to assist us starting this program.  Any additional fully operational computers would be appreciated. This request is urgent as it will help Hope for Children to administrate itself and the Centre.


The Centre requires other equipment including at least four (3) computers, printers, multimedia projector and a copier to further assist with setting up the computer aspect of the learning programme.