Homework Help Programme


HOPE for Children  offers a ‘FREE’ SATURDAY HOME WORK HELP Plus programme.  These home work help sessions are being conducted at Foundational school; the National Council for Science and Technology, and a number of Community Development Centres across the island.  Those Centers will include, Waterford community centre, Bayville community centre, Ellerton community centre, Speightstown Resource Centre  and Rices Community Centre.


PEP - Personnel Education Program


The idea behind this project is to promote what is known as 'Joined up thinking' with regards to the young persons education, by incorporating both school, home and the homework club.


The process is that the parent would be contacted in order to seek permission to go into the school to speak to the young person teacher, Teachers would also be approached and informed of the program. The teacher would then identify and educational needs the young person may have. These are written into a note pad which the young person takes home, thus allowing the parent to participate in their education and also to the homework club. where an identified key worker will work with the young person in addressing their educational needs


Pupils needs are monitored and addressed allowing the teacher, parent and key worker to assess progress. This will also give the young person a sense of value and worth whilst gaining confidence due to the level of support they are receiving.  All the above will be reviewed at appropriate intervals.