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(Health, Opportunity, Productivity and Education)



Over the years I have seen various levels of poverty and the degrading of our society.   After I left Wesley Hall primary school in 1972, I migrated to and grew up in the USA.  Upon returning to Barbados from the USA, in 1993, I conceptualized an institute for human growth and development. And, in 1995, the ANNU Institute (Barbados HQ) was established to reintroduce high culture into our society. I held classes to introduce people to self development and self cultivating principles. The Institute focused on  health,-an integral component of human development. Additionally, the Institute introduced martial arts as a forum for self development.  Martial arts has been used for millenniums, as a way to introduce people to cardinal virtues such as justice, fortitude, temperance & prudence, and fidelity (commitment and loyalty). Morality of deeds’ and ‘morality of mind’ are essential components to human development.


Being community minded and service orientated, during 1995, to 1998, I volunteered  for many organisations such as the Barbados society for the blind and a few grass roots community based organisations. I assisted a psychologist to start a pilot programme of counseling children who were poor. They had no money to get to school, no money for lunch, school books and only had one old uniform. They were children who played truant, did not pay attention in school and got into fights. 


Shortly after, I had to depart again, for the USA in 1998. I lived in Brooklyn, New York and worked setting up computer centres and health programmes for retirees and children. 


Upon returning to Barbados in 2000.  I saw many of the conditions had gotten worse for our communities.  One day while I was in a mini van I saw a young boy that we started to counsel, but dropped out, doing immoral things to make a living.


Thus, in 2001, I co founded HOPE for Children, a Barbadian children’s charity to deal with the basic needs of underprivileged children.  To supply them with basis food, clothing and shelter.  Since then, we have included a free home work helpers Saturday programme.  We teach the children to attain a higher standard of living mentally, spiritually, and physically.




The majority of children need a transformation. Most children according to our particular upbringing and experiences, in poverty, tend to repeat the cycle of their parents. "Transforming the Mind" has to be addressed and the process of human conditioning and how to achieve an awakening from this imposition.  Overcome our conditioning and to release the baggage we are carrying around.  We need to seek to develop solutions inside and outside the lines of our culture to find our true identity.  In so doing we also discover the reasons why friendships break down, marriages go sour and misunderstandings occur, poverty increases, why life may contain more stress than pleasure and why our purposes in life become obscured. With this knowledge we can transform our minds - and that is the prerequisite to fundamental change for the better.




We seek to implement a renewal (a change) which will teach people how to process emotions and come out of "disease" and into mental/emotional and physical wellness.

We have to make steps towards change!

Be optimistic and enthusiastic and estimate the power of positive thinking”




H.O.P.E. for Children was registered as a children’s charity under the Companies Act Cap (No. 508) under the laws of Barbados. The charity was established in 2001, to provide assistance to underprivileged children via outreach programmes.  The charities mainly work through the Primary schools or persons who know of underprivileged children.  For the past seven (7) years, Hope for Children’s has been making random donations of food, hygiene, school and clothing supplies to underprivileged families in Barbados.


For the period 2001 to 2003 the basic needs program was in full effect and then, the anti-obesity program was introduced. This program was introduced in order to assist in the reduction of the number of obese children on the island. Children in the areas such as Wellington Street, Westbury, Bayland, Hindsbury and Deacons benefited from this program. A cultural ‘keep–fit’ activity called ‘Rhythm Stick Licking’ was introduced in the Goodland community. This program was successful for a short time. But, it failed to sustain participation of the children, due to parent’s lack of interest.


In 2003 we officially moved to and occupied a room in the Ministry of Health complex, located in Jemmott’s Lane, St. Michael. At this location an A.D.H.D (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) program was introduced for children suffering from this disorder.


By the year 2005 a Self Defense program was introduced for the underprivileged and disable children. At this point all programs were functioning and children were given training in all of the areas along with the provision of food and drinks when attended any of the above mentioned programs offered by the ‘Hope for Children’s Charity’.


The Counseling and Home work helpers programs were introduced by 2006. These programs were carried out at the Ministry of Health complex. The Home work helpers programs were taught by three Business Association on Fontabelle. All programs introduced within the last six (6) y(3) teachers on Saturdays from 12pm to 4pm.  Also, anger management was another program which was started from trained staff members received in 2006 at the Small ears by 2007 were running successfully. Unfortunately by September 2007 in that same year the building was deemed derelict and the Charity lost its main place of training. 2008, has seen a renewal home work helpers programme. Currently, we are running a home work helpers programme at the National Council for Science and Technology on Reef Road in Bridgetown.




Each day we hear of people who commit crimes such as assault, burglary, murder rape, thief and others. Unfortunately, increasing crimes are now being done by children.  Hope for Children Charity is aiming for continued effort and support to assist in the reduction of the above mentioned crimes.  We have done empowerment programs for children at the main correctional facility for children in Barbados, ‘Dods’. However our main approach is prevention. We focus on nurturing children, so that they can be productive adults. We have also counseled boys and girls at the Valley Resource Center in St. George.

‘The solution to a better tomorrow is to give hope to the children today’




Make donations to the ‘Basic needs program’: school supplies, educational materials, hygiene items and essential food items.

Become a member of our team and join as a volunteer.

Make donations of tables, chairs, sporting equipment or supplies, health care supplies and office supplies.

Monetary donations for various charity events and programs carried out.

Donation of the first ‘Hope for Children’s’ van.